Engaging with contemporary concerns of rapid urbanization, globalization and human interaction, through a process of accumulation and transformation of material in the studio. The projects develop a visual language referencing environmental understandings of the physical and cultural boundaries of everyday life.

Exploring how painting, found printed imagery, and architecture poetically articulates the boundaries and territories we construct. Employing an economy of means to repurpose materials gleaned from the detritus of the city. Artifacts are constructed within the studio, and then variously repositioned in urban settings through performative interventions.

Incorporating geometric patterning, with bricolage constructions, with the performative nature of the process of assemblage and installation, the artifacts become containers of poetic and metaphoric meaning. Referencing the culture of the contemporary city through their material and visual composition, new readings can be recovered by the observer through interpretation of the artifact, as found object. The art object, as the residue of a process, or event, becomes, as an image, a vehicle for retroactive understandings that open up imaginatively beyond their original context.


The paintings bring together seemingly disparate visual references including triangulated linear data from digital terrain modeling [from a topographical site survey and its contours] and formal patterned geometric ordering with the haptic directness of gestural painterly mark making. The paintings evoke a dynamic relationship between incidental specific location and a unified field of multiple horizons, celebrating visually, the musicality of landscape. Landscape that is both local and universal.

As an ongoing meditation of an Imminent Landscape, moving organically between abstraction and figuration, the evolving visual language considers change, movement, duration, time and place. Algorithmic Drift, suggests change from one ordering system to another. Creating a visual field from fragments with closely related, yet differing scaled elements. Brought together on a painterly surface, as in a collage, or split screen, suggesting movement through multiple points of view, as diagram, as object, as image. Viewpoints and counterpoints, as we consider a poetic unfolding of the visual world, pictorially, geologically, ecologically, spiritually.